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Israel 2019

Noemie decided we should go to Israel in June, 2019. We did.

Baruch HaBah!

Mazel Tov to Isaac and Lilly!

Isaac and Lilly Ohanon are proud to announce the birth of their 2nd son Aden and brother to Noam.

Proud parents Lilly and Isaac Ohanon are delighted with their newest edition to the family

The baby naming will take place at the Bris in Israel.

The horrendous bombing in Manchester England at a Ariana Grande Concert

Saffie-Rose Roussos, just 8-years old, was murdered by a bomb while at Ariana Grande Concert

Donald J. Trump

PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump issues executive orders to Ban People from 6 Countries from Entering the USA Temporarily – is it justified?

Baruch HaBah!

Noam Ohanon - Baruch HaBah
Noam Ohanon Arrives!

Mazel Tov to Isaac and Lilly, the Baron and Ohanon Families on the birth of Noam on July 26, 8:30PM 2014 at a healthy weight of 3.165Kg.

The Bris of Noam took place on Sunday August 2nd, 2014

March 2015 Noam has grown! Come See

Mazel Tov to Shlomo and Lirane on the Birth of their second son!

Baruch HaBah! Shmuel Buzaglo has his Bris

Bris of Shmuel, the newest son of Shlomo and Lirane

Mazel Tov to Shlomo, Lirane and Yoseph on the Bris of Shumel

Friday September 19, 2014 was a special day because of the Bris of Shmuel Buzaglo.

Many countries in the world cry and denounce Israel as Israel attempts to destroy the enemy hamas living in Gaza. hamas has sent in excess of 3000 rockets in 28 days to attack the entire country.

Israeli F-16 Fighter Jet

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Missing Where IS IT?

This photo taken Dec. 26, 2011, shows the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared from air traffic control screens Saturday, taking off from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning, March 8, 2014 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn't located the jetliner several hours later. (photo credit: AP/Laurent Errera)

It’s been about 12 days and no sign of the Boeing 777. So where did it go? Well the sayings go something to the effect of ‘you can’t see the light through the trees’ or ‘you can’t see what’s under your nose’. Sounds reasonable.

Where is Malaysia Flight 370

Mazel Tov to Esther and Avior on the Birth of their new Baby Girl

Noemie Tito

Esther and Avior Tito are the proud parents of a brand new baby girl


My Beautiful and Loving Daughter with her simply wonderful Husband at their Gorgeous and Elegant Wedding at Caesaria, Israel in May 2013.

Lilly and Isaac at their Beautiful and Elegant Wedding in Caesaria Israel

Mazel Tov and Siman Tov to Liily and Isaac at their most beautiful and elegant wedding

Late in May, 2013 Naomi and I flew to Israel to be part of the most Elegant and Beautiful Wedding. Videos will be up shortly!

Mazel Tov Ruth and Isaac

Naomi’s daughter Ruth has a boy! Mazel Tov!

Asher Mesod at his Bris

Ruth and Isaac finally have their first boy… watch the video’s here.

Mazel Tov Lilly and Isaac

My Daughter Lilly (Fruma Leah) became engaged to Isaac (Itzhak) and we threw a ‘Vort’ party for Lilly and Isaac on September 29, 2012.

We wish both Lilly and Isaac all the Mazel in the world and hope be in Israel for their forthcoming wedding. The videos of the party can be viewed here.

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