Copenhagen, Denmark July 5 – 8, 2012


July 5-8 2011 – Copenhagen

7:08 PM July 5, 2011. Waiting for our flight to Copenhagen.

11:40 PM July 5, 2011: Checked into Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. Friendly staff at reception. Room was spotless and of average size. Large enough to comfortably accommodate 3 adults. Temperature in Copenhagen at night is cool (~16C). Air conditioning at Copenhagen Marriott Hotel was excellent and was very useful.

Internet cost is approximately $30.00/day and this particular hotel doesn’t give free access regardless where you are in the hotel. A coffee (machine made) is approximately $8.00 and it’s not much less even if you walk near the train station which is a 20 minute walk.

We went to the Tivoli Hotel for lunch. The gardens were very nice. The food was good.

Copenhagen IS a beautiful city but it’s a very expensive city to visit.

We took a hop on/off bus because the regular tour buses had ceased for the day (we start late, what can I tell you). The cost of which is about $25.00/person.

Stopped to listen to some flute music. It was good.

Dinner at a place downtown called Vesuvio. The food is very food and again, it’s not for bargain hunters. Dinner for 3 with no alcohol was $595.52 DKK.

There was a Jazz Festival in Copenhagen while we were visiting. Here are a couple of of them.

Below again is yet another video of the Copenhagen Denmark City Jazz Festival.

For a stint, we took a train from Copenhavn (pronounced koo/pen/houn) to Malmo (pronounced Mal/moo) and had dinner in old town at a place called ??? It was nice and the food was good. Ambiance was excellent in the outdoor patio.

Did a lot of walking in the old town visiting stores and it was great. Again, Copenhavn is an expensive city but it’s a beautiful city and the people we had encounters with were really nice and made us feel quite at home. I will most definitely visit Copenhavn again.

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