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I think my son has extended my life by getting me to try an eCigarette to achieve complete Tobacco Cigarette Smoking Cessation.

A week ago, after my son Shlomo Eliyahu kept bugging me to try an eCigarette, I gave in and tried it. The taste as not what expected but that, as he quickly said, can be be changed without issue.So that day I went to a store in an industrial area and bought the ‘atomizer’. That is, the clear glass head with the part that fints into ones mouth. The lower part, the battery, was given to me by Shlomo as a sort of gift. That was Thursday morning November 14, 2013. Today, the 21st of November, I continue to smoke or as some call it ‘vape’. Since last Thursday, I have had 0 cigarettes. No craving at all. It’s like champex (which I will mention further down).

For the past 10 or so years, breathing deep was moderately painful. Not enough pain to take pain killers (would they help.. NO). but painful nonetheless. One week later, I can and do take deep breaths and NO PAIN whatsoever! The doctor I regularly go to, who owns a walk-in clinic, was not there today. His partner was. About 10 days ago I contracted some sort of virus or bacteria in my lungs. I was put on two different puffers. One is Ventolin and the other Advair. This was the first time in my life I was on two puffers. But I continued to smoke cigarettes.Since last Thursday November 14, I stopped taking the puffers.

Today, while visiting the doctors office and seeing the results of the chest X-Ray taken 10 days ago, the doctor listened to my breathing using her scope. She kept telling me to take deep breathes, which I did. She then asked ‘what have you changed?’ ‘Your breathing is excellent!’ I then told her about the the eCigarette ‘iTaste’ and showed her. In fact I smoked or ‘vaped’ it in her office while her eyes grew like cherry tomatoes watching me with the audacity of smoking in her office. But then then said ‘there is no smell.. what is in that vile on your ecigarette’ And I then explained what it is, and showed her the two bottles sold to me by the store.

On Saturday the 16th of November, the National Post had an image of an eCigarette device just like the one I have on the front page of the news paper and a whole page story on how its absurd that its illegal in Canada but it WILL SAVE THOUSANDS of lives in Canada.

To put this short, I cannot believe that I have not had a cigarette in 7 days. While its not a long time in terms of time itself, 2 hours for me with no cigarettes is a NITEMARE. I smoke 2 large king size (25 cigarettes per pack) packs of Rothmans ‘blue’ a day for more than 10 years, and 2 packs of a ‘lighter’ brand for 30 years. So thats about 40 years of puffaroo.

The math is simple. A Rothmans ‘blue’ here is $12.50 a pack. 2 packs = $25.00/day. That’s $750.00/month. Which equals $9000 per year!

I paid $40.00 for two bottles of ‘juice’ which has nicotine. I have what looks like 65% left from a week ago. The fellow at the store said the first few weeks I will ‘Vape’ a lot more than later on. The savings are unreal… that is until the Canadian Gov’t adds taxing and destroys the savings.

Champex: a few years ago I tried to quick tobacco cigarettes. I heard of Champex and a doctor prescribed them to me. After a few weeks, on a friday night, I had 1/2 glass of red wine. Early that saturday morning I woke up around 2:30AM and my heart was racing. I have no idea what the heartbeat rate was, but I could feel it going super fast and I was out of breath. The Monday morning following, visited the doctor whom immediately told me to stop taking the medication. I stopped taking Champex and started smoking tobacco cigarettes that same day.

The champex worked in the sense of the 2nd week taking it, no withdrawl symptoms. Just some wild dreams, in colour too.

Perhaps for me, wine and Champex is a no no. No problem.

Now, I have the eCigy AND I LOVE IT! Yes I am hooked to Nicotine. And I can concentrate on work, and smoke it, (ok VAPE it) in my office (there are no kids around here at all)

Week 5 December 17, 2013

It’s been ever so pleasant. I have had NO withdrawal symptoms and have smoked exactly 0 cigarettes. I cannot believe I can run up and down the stairs in our house 2 times in a row and NOT OUT OF BREATH!

I, a 2-pack a day Rothmans smoker who loved to smoke has not had one cigarette. All due to my son Shlomo Eliyahu bugging me to try ‘vaping’.

A few more weeks will pass by and I will report here again.

It’s February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone

I have not had a single cigarette to this day! I feel just fine. I don’t miss tobacco cigarettes thanks to my E-Cig.

Shlomo, thank you so much for turning me on to the E-Cigarette. I am anxiously waiting for another 2 months to pass so the doctor will again take a chest x-ray to see if scarring in my lungs have healed.

I will post again in a few weeks.

Keep on puffing!

Comparison of Lung X-Rays between December 2013 and May 2014

As agreed with my Doctor, Bahaa Habib of Thornhill, I returned to the X-Ray clinic to once again, have X-Rays taken of my lungs in order to do a comparison to the X-Rays performed in December 2013.

This was the acid test to see if there was any negative effect on my lungs since the X-Rays taken in December 2013. Back in December 2013, I was told that I have COPD (Compulsive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Occasionally I had to resort to the use of 2 Puffers and use Antibiotics as I would get frequent episodes of Bronchitis.

I already knew prior to going for the May X-Ray there was dramatic improvement because since stopping smoking of tobacco products, I had no more bronchitis which meant no more antibiotics and did not have to use puffers.

The results from the May 2013 X-Rays compared with the December X-Rays clearly showed the lungs had healed considerably and most of the scarring of the lungs was healed.

Dr. Habib showed me the written results from the radiologist. He said that with time more of the scarring could heal but there is no way to tell. In another 8 months or so I shall have X-Rays of my lungs done again to see if there is more improvement.

Since mid spring I started to go for long walks in order to reduce weight. What I clearly see now is I am not out of breath after a 10 KM walk.

 My lungs are healed to the point where I no longer have COPD and have reduced costs associated with medical costs to the government due to eliminated visits to a doctor because of COPD. I am living proof that Vaping is the perfect way to quit cigarette smoking permanently.

Today is August 26, 2014 and since November 11, 2013 I have had 0 cigarettes or puffs of a cigarette or any other tobacco product.

If you are considering quitting cigarette smoking, you will find Vaping a fantastic way to quit. Just don’t wait forever to do it. Check with your doctor(s) to see if you have the opportunity available for lung healing. I have been told that sometimes the damage to the lungs is irreversible. I am lucky.

iTaste eCigarette

itazte-mvp Vaping Device

itazte-mvp Vaping Device


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