Gerald and Heather

Gerald and Heather

Gerry and  I go back to High School. And that is a LONG time ago. Gerry and I attended Humberside Collegiate in the High Park area of Toronto.

I don’t remember the exact year, but Gerry and I had traveled across the United States and Canada together. We out ran a police chase in a certain place and we have done a lot. A lot more than I care to say in this site.

This is a friendship that has so far, lasted a life time. I am thankful to G-D for having such a true and loyal friend as Gerry is.

Heather, Gerald’s dancing star wife, met each other at a time Gerald was working with me in a particular business. I still remember when Gerald came into the office and told me he met ‘the woman of all his dreams’. Not just the ‘women of his dreams’ but ‘ALL’ his dreams. Heather, Gerald and I are all only-children. This is kind of unique in that 3 separate people have no siblings

Heather is a very intelligent woman and runs the catering department for a major Marriott hotel here in Toronto. She is very supportive of Gerald and they make a great couple.

In 2010 we celebrated Gerald and Heather’s birthday at one of the restaurants Gerald sells to. The restaurant is Sasafras on Cumberland Street in Toronto’s fashionable Yorkville district.

Another interesting thing is, Gerald is born on the 21 and Heather on the 22 of June.

The celebration of the birthdays of Gerald and Heather continued….

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