Getting Ready to Leave for IsraEuro 2011

The Start of IsraEuro 2011

It’s always comical watching the family getting out the door to get to the airport.

Well, below are some videos shot while getting ourselves out of the house to get to the airport. IsraEuro 2011 was not only for Naomi and I, but for my mother, Judith. My mother told me she had always dreamed of visiting Russia. Well now her dream would come to fruition. Although we were staying in Russia for a brief time, we had no clue what to expect and I felt is was ample time to see most of the great sites in Moskva and St. Petersburg.

I am sure we will return to Russia and bring my mother along. Enjoy the videos!


Judy takes her time to get going.

And this would not be complete without a few words from the Admiral….

And a few more

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