The Baron Kids

Ok, so they are not ‘kids’ anymore. But I will tell you what, they are still my babies 🙂

I am lucky. I have 3 children, Shlomo Eliyahu, Fruma Leah and Yoel Nosson. My wife Naomi has 4 children, Ruthy, Esther, Jimmy and Shlomo.

Shlomo, my eldest son now has 3 of his own.

3 Generations of the Baron Family

Pictured above is my daughter Fruma Leah Tzipora, my Grand Daughter Mindy, my eldest son Shlomo Eliyahu and my mother, Yehudis Razel.

Since Yoel Nosson lives in Yerushalyim, I could not get him in the shot above.

Yoel Nosson

Yoel is the baby of the Baron Family. He is a genuine and good person. We attended Yoel’s wedding in Yerushaliyim in 2011.

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