Horrendous Bombing at Manchester Ariana Grande Concert May 22 2017

Victims of the Bombing in Manchester, England

Monday May 22, 2017 ISIS looser decided to kill the ‘infidels’ … young people mainly. As young as 8-years old. It’s so so sad. I am so happy to be a Jewish infidel! As G-D almighty said in his holy Torah, speaking of Ishmael, ‘A hairy ASS of a man‘. Thank you G-D for NOT making me a descendant of a hairy ASS of a man!


Georgina Callander 18-years old

Saffie-Rose Roussos 8-years old

Nell Jones 14-years old

Martin Hett 29-years old

Olivia Campbell 15-years old

Jane Tweddle 50-years old

Marcin 42-years old and Angelika 40-years old

Kelly Brewster 32-years old

John Atkinson 26-years old

Allison Howe 45-years old

Lisa Lees 47-years old

Sorell Leczkowski

Chloe Rutherford 17-years old and Liam Curry 19-years old.

This horrendous carnage literally brings tears to my eyes

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