St. Petersburg, Russia July 8-11


July 8-11 2011 – St. Petersburg, Russia

This is the one of the cities in Russia my mother had dreamt to see. And she did!

Getting to LED (St. Petersburg) with Lufthansa was a very comfortable flight on Lufthansa.

A couple hours later we decend to our destination…

St. Petersburg is beautiful. Truly, that is an understatement. All 3 of us agree that there was nothing we saw that had the beauty of St. Petersburg. And we are speaking in terms of grandeur of its buildings.

Shown below is the facade of the Hermitage. If you have cultural interests, visiting the Hermatage is an absolute MUST

One of the Great Rooms at the Hermitage shown below.


Judy gets tired and enjoys the use of a wheel-chair with Naomi as her chauffeur

Judy get LAZY and rides in a wheel chair!

St. Peters Church is shown below. It was right behind our Marriott Hotel. Another gorgeous work of art and culture.

We visited Peterhof which is a ways off by boat. My mother does not like the heat and even more so, walking around. The stairs leading up to Peterhof were quite a thing.

My wife Noemie love shopping. Not so much to really buy, but to waste our time just looking. Oh well, what can we do?

Going back to St. Petersburg from Peterhof. Watch the video.

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